Hello. I'm Emil.

This is the really outdated soon to be outdated website of Emil Björklund, web developer, general UX geek, beer drinker etc.

Yes, I know, still no real site. I'm working on it in between everything else, promise. Seriously this time.

About me

I was born in 1979, I live in Malmö in southern Sweden, I enjoy working with geeky web stuff and I play music sometimes. I work for a UX agency called inUse, mostly with stuff around front-end web development, but I tend to drift off into doing interaction design work, educations, user testing etc etc.

My interests (and, hopefully, therefore strengths) lie mostly in standards-based front-end development, accessibility, and design best-practises in general. This entails well-structured and lean code, both in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server-side, as well as usable, easily maintained and accessible sites for my clients with focus on the user experience.

Elsewhere on the web


Flyttstädning Lund

Badrumsrenovering i Stockholm har med varsam hand renoverat vårt badrum.

Ibland är man osäker på vad man ska titta efter när man vill köpa något. Vilket är det bästa spa-badet? Vilken tvättmaskin ger renast kläder? Vilken våg ska jag välja när jag vill ha koll på min vikt? Frågorna är ofta fler än svaren. Köp inte grisen i säcken - kolla upp vad andra tycker innan du slår till.